Environmental technologies

In cooperation with Ekoion AB in Sweden, we are pleased to offer you a trusted technology from Sweden using natural way to clean inside air by adding a controlled number of negative and positive Ions on the air.

EKOion ionization

The use of the EKOion ionization System presents an economical solution to control several types of  so called ”Indoor Air Pollution” including biological contaminants and many types of gaseous contaminants.

EKOion represents a new technology for the generation of air ionization, as “Reactive Plasma Generator” which produces more than 100,000 ions per cc. in an approximate ratio of 1 positive ion to 3 negative ions.


When Poor quality air passes through the patented EKOion System,  EKOion product supply the indoor air with negative and positive ions through cold plasma reduction that will generate a correct balance between positive and negative oxygen ions in the air.  The ions attract positively charged particles in the air and cause the particles to bond to nearby objects. The airborne particles clump together and then fall to the surface with the help of their own weight. They are then bonded by static electricity and will be easily be removed by normal cleaning.

The EKOion positive effects including:

  • No environmental impact from chemical
  • Energy efficient process; cost effective
  • Simple installation
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • No Ozone
  • Swedish quality and Product safety

No Ozone,

Ozone is an objectionable contaminant in closed buildings when die concentrations exceed 0.05 ppm. Ozone is a product of die ionization process – any ionization process or high voltage field.

The EKOion ionization System will not produce ozone in concentrations exceeding 0.015 ppm. This concentration is a small fraction of die safe limit and is at the low end of die ozone concentrations normally found in unpolluted air at sea level.

EKOion`s B- polar ionization system could be used in different type of industry locations, public places, hospitals, schools, offices and even public transports & Airplane

For more information please visit www.ekoion.com or contact us for questions about sales and installation in Spain or any other European countries outside Sweden.